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The Guaranteed Life of Your Roof Is Only As Good As the People Who Installed It...

And Most Contractors Have Already Voided Your Roof’s Warranty!

Studies by GAF (North America’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer) indicate that 2 out of every 3 problems with a new roof are due to the workmanship of the contractor, not the roofing materials.

The roof on your house is a major investment in your home. When you go to make this major investment, you will typically be asked to choose a 15, 20 or 30 year roof (sometimes up to 50 years for metal roofing). However, the expected life of the materials, as well as the warranties provided by them, are often NULL AND VOID because of the way they were installed.

We Are Not the Least Expensive.

We Are Not the Ones Who Will Cut Corners.

We are the ones that Show Up As Scheduled, Assume the HASSLE of Dealing with Insurance (when necessary), and Guarantee Our Workmanship.

Quality Does Cost More… Until You Consider the Cost of Future Repairs

Yes, you do have many choices when it comes to picking someone to install your new roof. In fact, most roofers are not even licensed because they are not required to carry a license for jobs costing less than $25K. Hiring an untrained professional may be a bit easier on your wallet in the short run, but it’s likely to come at a very dear price.

When you hire an untrained, unlicensed professional to install or repair your roof, be prepared for the hidden costs:

  • Cost #1: A voided manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cost #2: A leaky roof caused by faulty workmanship
  • Cost #3: Damaged plywood or other decking in need of repair
  • Cost #4 Ugly ceiling stains or damage not typically covered by warranty or insurance
  • Cost #5: A grueling repair experience and longer repair times
  • Cost #6: A Lesser reimbursement from your insurance company

We do things right, the first time! But, if you still want to shop around, just be sure to read our Guide to Choosing a Roofing Contractor before you ever make the first call.

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