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If you’re looking for just any old roofing company, you’re in the wrong place. Cook Bros. Roofing was established by a group of caring, compassionate contractors who looked around at many of the other Knoxville roofing companies and saw a lot of room for improvement.

A Better Roofing Company in Knoxville

John and Ralph Cook have a history of excellence. Their custom building and remodeling company, Cook Bros. Construction, takes excellence to a new level. In fact, their motto is “Quality Craftsmanship Without Compromise”. With this mantra permeating everything they do, they’ve quickly become known as Knoxville’s most trusted general contractor.

When you’re in the construction business, you meet a lot of people and see a lot of homes. Unfortunately, sometimes those homes include some bad workmanship, and roofs notoriously fall into this category.
To make things worse, the roofing industry has always been rife not only with bad workmen, but scam artists who take people’s deposits and run. Then tragedy struck in April of 2011 as the largest hail storm East Tennessee ever saw ripped through the winding mountains and valleys, causing an unprecedented amount of hail damage to nearly every roof in East Tennessee.

The storm also created a lot of demand for roofers. Unfortunately, roofing companies are largely unregulated because of non-existent licensing requirements for construction jobs under $25K. This meant that nearly every Joe, Bill or Sue that could swing a hammer could claim to be a “pro” roofer. That kind of unregulated growth usually means bad news for consumers.

Meanwhile, a lot of dirty roofing companies were working hard to give an even worse name to an already soiled industry. But within that dirt a seed was planted -the seed that grew into Cook Bros. Roofing.
Now Cook Bros. Roofing is working to bring quality and excellence to the roofing industry. No compromises here. Cook Bros. Roofing will never do work of anything less than the highest quality. That’s why we provide a full warranty on all workmanship done by Cook Bros. Roofing.

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