Roof Repair Insurance Claims

Dealing with roof repair claims through your insurance company can be ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTING for everyone involved. You often have to overcome automated response questions just to reach a real live human, then jump through a lot more hoops just to follow the necessary procedures. And even when you make it through the gauntlet of questions and hurdles, you may not receive the maximum amount your claim could have qualified for if everything was not handled 100% properly.

Stop the hassle BEFORE it starts and maximize your insurance claim by choosing the insurance claim experts at Cook Bros. Roofing.

Our 5-step process limits your need to interact with the insurance company by utilizing the Cook Bros. 1-Call Insurance Claim. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call and notify your insurance provider of storm (Hail, Wind, tree, etc.) damage to your home and property from the event.
  2. Inform your insurance company you would like your contractor (Cook Bros. Roofing) to be present at the time of inspection.
  3. Get the claim number, adjuster’s name and cell number if possible.
  4. Request the claim adjuster to call your Cook Bros. Sales Agent.
  5. Contact your Cook Bros. Sales Agent with the claim number and the adjuster’s information.

That’s it! Just 5-Steps to Hassle-Free Freedom.

We will ABSOLUTELY make sure you are fairly treated by the insurance company.

We speak their language, literally! We use the very same estimation software they do and know their processes inside and out. We know how to PROVE you deserve the money they owe you, and we’re the most capable people to win an argument if it comes down to having to make one.

In contrast, most homeowners are not aware of how the insurance company determines if your home is eligible for a claim. Moreover, wind and other damage is almost NEVER covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but they MAY be covered by your insurance, if the claim is handled properly. We will be your expert advocates and help you get the full amount for which you are eligible.

Don’t risk getting less than you’re owed by trying to “DIY” your roof repair insurance claim!

Work with Cook Bros. and take the hassle out of the equation.

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